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Hello. I'm Stewart Orr.

I'm a Web Designer & Developer with over 22 years of experience in creating great user experiences that are accessible, responsive and standards-compliant.

About me

I'm a Web Designer & Developer with over 20 years of experience in building websites, web applications and UX prototypes. I've been around since the dark days of Netscape and Internet Explorer 4 and have a huge amount of experience.

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I've been freelancing for over 11 years but before that, I worked for online retailers, wholesalers and design agencies. I enjoy working on all aspects of web design from UX design & research and front-end development and everything between including back-end development using PHP & MySQL.

Skills & Experience

I have experience of a wide range of industries such as agency, retail, social media and corporate websites backed up with expert knowledge of front-end development technologies.

20 years experience


With 16 years experience I can help you build your web project from the ground up. I can offer help from every stage of the process from design all the way through to a Content Managed or e-commerce website. Maybe I can help you out with your next project?

  • Web/UI Design

    I am passionate about designing user-friendly websites and web applications that suit your target audience that are not only beautiful but easy to use too.

  • Web Development

    When it comes to building your website I can help build a responsive site that is optimised to work on any device and performs well.

  • Web Applications

    If you need a bespoke web application for your project I have the experience in building scalable solutions from the ground up.

  • Content Managed

    Having a Content Managed site means you are in full control of your website. I can help design and build the best solution for your project in MODX or WordPress.

On Twitter

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I am based in Hertfordshire and looking to work in the surrounding area and London. I work remotely from my own office with most of my clients with the occasional onsite visit when required but am happy with work with you at your premises. I am currently not looking for any international travel at this time.


I am no longer available for any freelance or contract work.