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7 MODX Revolution addons you might not have heard of

Here's a list of 7 MODX Revolution addons that might not have heard of but will definitely want to use in your next project!

  1. Mobile Detection

    As mobile device usage is going through the roof, you really ought to think about having a simple mobile device friendly version of your site. Mobile Detection adds a really simple way of doing that simply by separating out mobile content from regular desktop content. This is done by two new MODX specific tags:-

    <standard>My normal content</standard>
    <mobile>My mobile version</mobile>

    This very site uses this addon and it's so simple to use!

  2. Statcache

    Statcache is a very new addon that allows for static HTML caching of resources on your site. The benefit to this is that your resources are served by Apache and completely by-passes MODX completely so no database lookups, no PHP processing. The down-side to this is that because it is completely independant of MODX, you cannot have any non-cached/dynamic areas of the site.

  3. makeQR

    QR codes are very handy, if not massively underused little bar codes that can be read by computers and other mobile devices. makeQR makes it really easy to add a QR code to your MODX site and/or resources. I have used this on print-only versions of my resources. How about using this as a quick way to view a product or page on your site when someone prints out a page from your site:-


    This will generate a QR that can be scanned and will link the user back to the current page.

  4. PDFBridge

    PDFBridge makes it really easy to generate a PDF version of a MODX resource that the user can download and share. I have used this to generate a product data sheet that contains a summary about a product and a link back to the site. This means my client only needs to edit the resource in MODX and it will automatically generate a nice, downloadable PDF.

  5. MIGX

    I'm sure you've probably seen this before but it's something worth looking at again. This addon makes it possible to create a Template Variable that can have tabular or repeating data. This is useful for lots of things like an image gallery, product specifications, opening hours and just about anything.

  6. VersionX

    This is another great addon created by Mark Hamstra from MODX. Once you've installed this addon it will automatically save snapshots of your resources, TVs, Chunks and Snippets so that if you need to roll-back to a previous version you can! This is something I would love to see built into MODX by default as it's must-have!

  7. EventsX

    Eventsx is a handy addon that let's you add important calendar dates to your site. This could be useful for a site that has training days or a busy diary of things happening and has a nice and quick interface for adding details about the event.

Now, over to you! What addons do you use and like that's worth mentioning?

This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Anja Skrba.

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  1. Thanks guys, they really are great packages and deserve to be used! :) qodo
  2. Really awesome to see 2 of "my" packages in this list (EventsX & pdfBridge). Jeroen Kenters
  3. Thanks for including VersionX in the list! Too many people get into trouble because clients or misclicks delete content, but there is a solution! :P Mark Hamstra
  4. I will definitely try MobileDetection on my next site. Thanks a lot for sharing! Jean-Marc Buytaert
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