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TwitterX: New option to view Twitter lists

As of version 1.3, TwitterX for MODX now supports viewing Twitter lists created by you or others. This article outlines the new options available and how to use them.

Viewing a user's Twitter list using TwitterX

You can now load lists by using the new timeline and slug options. Here's what you'll be using:

An example of this would be the MODX List of MODX members available here: Here's how this would look using TwitterX:-

This will then load the MODX Twitter list and show their statuses. Hopefully this is useful to you! Here's the final result:

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  1. Stewart, thanks for keeping this project up-to-date.

    I have a request, can you add #hashtag #filtering ?

    It would be nice to use on site as a mini cms tool, for people who are not content editors on the site. For example, display tweets for a specific timeline and tagged #alerts, or #tips. Then we could just uses those are specific sections of the site, Brian
  2. Great!! Thank you so much! Worked perfectly. Anthony
  3. Anthony, you will need to give each call a unique cache_id value. Something like

  4. Hi, thank you for this Extra!. I was wondering if I might ask u a quick question?

    I have TwitterX inside a getImageList snippet template to use a migx TV. It looks like this:


    seems to work fine for all instances of the iterating except for inside the TwitterX call, which seems to cache and load the same tweet for every iteration. Is there something obvious I am doing wrong? Thanks for your consideration if u get a chance to read this! Anthony
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