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Terms of Business

By appointing Qodo Ltd to provide any service you agree to and are bound by these terms of business.


All work carried out by Qodo Ltd is on a times and materials basis at our usual hourly rate and does not form part of any contract or quotation. All estimates are not guaranteed and any work carried out beyond that estimated timescale is billable at our usual hourly rate.

Completion time

All completion dates given for projects are approximate and can sometimes require extra time, although we always aim to finish by the initial completion date, this is not guaranteed.


Qodo Ltd may occasionally create temporary content on commissioned projects as placeholders. It is the clients responsibility to review and update this content before going live and Qodo Ltd accepts no responsibility for liability, errors or the content.

Web Hosting

Development hosting is available from Qodo Ltd and is included in any estimate costs and is provided without any guarantee of the availability. This development hosting will be turned off and become unavailable 30 days after issuing the final invoice.

Qodo Ltd does not offer "live" or "production" hosting. Qodo Ltd can offer recommendations on production hosting but accepts no liability on the performance or uptime of the hosting with third-party providers.

Transfer of a complete project from Qodo Ltd development hosting to production hosting is not included in estimates unless otherwise stated and will be charged at our usual hourly rate.


Qodo Ltd will ensure that any site or application will function correctly:

  • On the server to which it is initially installed.
    When viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 to current full release.
    When viewed with the current version of Mozilla Firefox.
    When viewed with the current version of Google Chrome browser.
    When viewed with the current version of Opera browser.
    No other browsers are supported unless otherwise stated.
    Qodo Ltd cannot guarantee correct function with all browser software including future releases.
    Qodo Ltd conducts basic testing on all projects but it is the client’s responsibility to test and approve the project
    and report errors. Although all care is taken, errors and bugs may still be found on the completed project and bug
    fixing is charged as part of the overall project cost at the usual hourly rate.

Search Engine Optimisation & Traffic

All work completed by Qodo Ltd aims to improve search engine optimisation in the major search engines. The
client accepts that any changes to the site can affect the traffic to a site and will not hold Qodo Ltd liable for any
drop in traffic.

Maintenance & Software Updates

Qodo Ltd does not offer maintenance of the site unless otherwise stated and agreed in writing.

Qodo Ltd will endeavour to recommend important updates to software where possible but does not accept liability for out-of-date software and vulnerabilities.


  • A deposit is payable immediately on acceptance of a contract and before any work can commence.
  • 30% of the total estimated cost will be paid before commencement of the project.
  • 40% of the total amount will be paid when the project reaches the half-way point based on initial estimates.
  • The final 30% of the total amount will be paid when the project is completed and before any the project will be handed over.

Payments must be made within the specified time of the invoice being issued.


Cancellation By The Client - All deposits are non-refundable once payment has been made.

Cancellation By Qodo Ltd - Deposits will be refunded by Qodo Ltd pro-rata for work completed.


By appointing Qodo Ltd to provide any service you agree to and are bound by these terms of business.

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